Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Christmas Post

Time to bring down the ornaments after the Christmas holiday.  And don't you know Amazon and FedEx employees are about fed up with their jobs by today?

A little catch up: lunch with the ladies in an uptown restaurant on Monday.

We lost Maureen, one of our original set of coffee/lunch cancer support group members, to breast cancer in November.  She really did not want to leave us.  We mourned her passing, prayed for her family, and are trying to reconfigure our group without her.   But we gained her daughter and daughter-in-law as new friends in a younger generation.  We toasted Maureen and remembered her with fondness and love.

Linking with Tami for a Finished Object Friday and with Fiber Arts Friday is the Derecho Shawl (the small size is a big shawl).


Forget that dopey facial expression and concentrate on the shawl.  Pattern and details here.
Click on the link/picture above to see what others are up to this Friday.
A thought to ponder:
See you Monday!


  1. My sympathy at the loss of your friend Maureen. I have a friend having a double masectomy at the end of January. The fight goes on.

    May 2014 bring you many blessings!

  2. It's so cute how you get together with these beautiful ladies. I'm sorry you lost a precious member. The shawl is so you.

  3. That shawl is gorgeous. It's nice that you have a group of friends to gather with and that your friend's daughter now meets with you too.

  4. So sorry for your loss. I lost my own mother to cancer 12 years ago, and I could have used a support group. It's so tough.

  5. Hi Nancy, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. A cherished school mate of mine passed on Christmas day. It is wonderful to have gained more support with the addition of your friend's daughter and daughter in law! You will always have the sweet memories of your friendship with Maureen.

    Happy Holidays...Happy New Year! ♥

  6. We lost a knitting friend to cancer this year too. She was the wit of the group, so we miss her repartee. The shawl is lovely. Have a lovely New Year.

  7. Looks like you ladies were having a great time. So sorry for the loss of your friend.
    Nice shawl. Have a wonderful New Year.

  8. What a sweet way to remember your friend! She will ALWAYS be right there with you! LOVE the shawl! Great job Sister! Have a blessed week ahead and a VERY happy NEW YEAR! BIG HUGS!


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