Sunday, July 20, 2014

Card Table Toppers: Easy Sewing

Following the advice of my mother from years past, one should not put plastic on the table, be it flowers or vinyl tablecloths.  That maxim has stuck with me.

So when we use a card table, I usually end up folding a tablecloth in half and throwing it over the card table. Inefficient.  But this week I decided to use fabric on hand, as well as purchasing a bit of new semi-coordinating cottons and made two card table toppers.

 Yellow Brick Road fabric
 Fleur di  lis
 Cabbage Roses

They make me happy.  Half inch seams all around.  35 inch squares for the top; envelope sides, 18" deep. Easy peasy. Coordinating cloth napkins are in sewing process.

Now for eating alfresco.

Son in law Jack's picture of a rabbit in his yard this week, taking a break to scratch his ear before hopping away:


  1. Very pretty table covers Nancy, what a nice combination and I love the rabbit picture, I never get that close to the rabbits around here to catch them relaxing like this!

  2. Love the table cloths! What a great way to use fabric from you stash.


  3. Love that idea! I always use cloth too unless it is for cake and ice cream out by the pool:) Enjoy your week dear Nancy, HUGS!

  4. There is some fun fabric for this tablecloth.

  5. That`s a great tablecloth. Perfect for a card table. I may make one myself. Thanks for posting. I agree with your mother!


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