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Friday, August 5, 2016

Random Pictures Shared with Yarn Along

Gorgeous lilies, roses and mums that Cookie brought me yesterday for our lunch together; I forgot to give her dessert, bad on me.

A favorite:

A second tree limb fell this week in our back yard; confirmation that it is time to move.  That back area is too much work for the DH.

A picture of our pretty lilies:

St. Brigid is my patron saint!

It has been hot this August!  Don't you love this picture of birds trying to escape the heat!

Progress on my Rainbow Trail sweater is coming along.  Joining in with Ginny in her weekly Yarn Along.

Marianne and I made two angels yesterday for the church bazaar, proceeds to help fund the food bank.  Isn't she pretty?  It took us over an hour to make just one each, amply filled with sweet smelling lavender.  Each time you hold the angel and give her a little squeeze, more aroma is released. Wish the colors showed up better but I took it against the lighting.  More to come, with better pictures.  She has about a dozen ready, and they will be shown again.  Thanks for playing and teaching me how to make the angel, Marianne!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Photographic Mistakes

Thinking I was achieving a modicum of expertise with the camera, I snapped about two dozen or so pictures at the April 21 meeting of Brush and Palette with artist Kay Crane kindly providing the demonstration.  With humility and regret I report now that, every single one was lost due to my error. During the editing process, I inadvertently erased the entire album from my computer.  Alas, even after consulting experts from Google and Picasa, it was confirmed that I did the biggest no-no ever by deleting the album with one wrong key stroke.  The April meeting will go down without any visuals saved for posterity.  And Kay presented so well.  And we had a different venue for the meeting, with colorful backgrounds.  It is like telling you I caught a big fish, but he got away.  Those pictures were pretty good, really they were.

I was humbled by this faux paux but struggle forward and continue to volunteer my humble photographic efforts.  On May 7, about 50 individuals will be receiving their First Eucharist at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, and a photographer is needed to record their special day.  Yep, I will try.

Here is one picture of a baptism I photographed at the Easter Vigil service that has to be tops for sweetness and innocence appeal.

On the daughter front, she is getting along.  Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary since her husband's death.  You can imagine how that is impacting Julie.  She bought flowers this week for Sunday services in their former church in Rock Hill, SC to commemorate that anniversary.

Knitting: Reyna Shawl, about 1/3 completed and linking with Ginny and her Yarn Along:

Click on the Yarn Along Box to see what others are sharing this week on Ginny's blog

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crafting with the Lutherans

Tomorrow and Saturday the church ladies (and a few men helpers) will be involved in the





Friday hours are 9 AM to 2 PM      Saturday hours are 9 AM to 2 PM
Bazaar proceeds benefit ALC Women’s Ministries and local service organizations

Here are the knitted items I've knitted over the past couple of years and will donate to the bazaar to perhaps bring in a few dollars for the American Lutheran Church ministries:

The Elowen shawl on Ravelry:

and the Wilhelmina Shawlette on Ravelry, including a few color coordinated accessories:

This week I finished knitting the Norwegian Shawl by Sivia Harding, with yarn from Louet Gem merino fiber. This project took four weeks to knit.  There were very few problems in crafting this lace shawl; it was well written and the yarn was very well behaved. Generally, I wear shawls with the spined upper edge at the neck and the longer pieces wrapped around and, so the finished dimensions of 62 inches in length (29 inches in depth) will give adequate coverage to the neck, shoulder and front area.

Joining in with Fiber Arts Friday, Creative Friday at Natural Suburbia and Yarn Along for sharing.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Week in Review

December 7-14, 2013
  • Weather

Record low temperatures this week here on the western slope of Colorado with -15 degrees!  Also we had 8 + inches of snow here.
  • Something New (to me)

Audible.  Love listening to books.  I've never bought more than a dozen audible book downloads, and usually from iTunes or Amazon.  But after listening to one of my favorite podcasts (The KnitGirllls), I was convinced to try an Audible subscription, with the first book free and twelve credits thereafter for a reasonable price.  As of yesterday, I'm listening to Life after Life, thanks Jean, and just purchased The Winter Sea by Suzanne Kearsley, thanks  to Woolythyme.
  • Knitting

on the Derecho shawl:

  • Food and recipes
Especially enjoyed root vegetable stew by the husband, Martha Stewart's cornbread and sausage dressing WITHOUT garlic and served with Cornish hens (thank you, Steph at KnitspiringOdyssey), spritz sugar cookies, and new coffee creamers (Mexican Cinnamon Chocolate by Lucerne is my favorite this week)

I may make cakes adapted from Gretchen's Nativity Cake recipe for the neighbors who so graciously shared their bountiful pumpkins, tomatoes and squash with us during harvest time.
  • Reading

finished The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani.  Giving it a grade of A-.

finished Amy Tan's Valley of Amazement.  Lots of reviews of the book out there.  Here is one recent review.  I would give it a grade of  B- for overall enjoyment.

still picking up Fredrick Beuchner's digital book Secrets in the Dark
  • Mailed

Cookies for Julie and a few little gifts

completed fairy for the fairy ornament swap.
  • Apps:

plugging along on "Flow Free" and  compulsively playing "Words with Friends".  Invite me to play under the name "templeton7" and we can compete on this sorta' Scrabble app.  Also using the new Audible app for listening to books and doing the daily word puzzle on "7 Words"
  • Christmas decorations

Set up Madonna and Child icons and votive candles
  • TV

the never ending funeral of Nelson Mandela, incredulous at the sign interpreter (did you see Jimmy Kemmel's take on the schitzoid interpreter?  I laughed.)

Enjoying some of the sweet little Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel, and movies from the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid (thanks, Charlotte).

"Magic of the Snowy Owl" (Nature), available through Dec. 25 on PBS Roku Channel

  • New blog friends I am stalking:

 barefootcrofter in Scotland
 Gladsome Lights in CA
 The Ellen Report
  • Linking to

Yarn Along with Small Things


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yarn Along

New to me, joining Yarn Along, and of course, WIP Wednesday.

Reading: on Kindle app When We Were Strangers (Schoenewaldt) and Death on A Longship (Taylor) and of course, At the Still Point: A Literary Guide to Prayer in Ordinary Time (Arthur)

Knitting:  Caffe Macchiato (pattern by Moldan).

Cooking: Last night I made for the fourth time my new favorite recipe  Chicken Tikka Masala (Epicurious).

I'll be checking in on your blog and seeing what you are knitting, crafting, thinking.  Leave a comment and I'll be sure to follow you.