Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today is Ralph's 100th Birthday and PPF

Ralph Smith, born in Denver, Colorado on May 3, 1912 has seen many changes over his 100 years.

Ralph was a golf pro, a teacher, a golf caddy, and was involved in all things golf.  He spent most of his life in California and was married to his wife, Bobbie, for over 50 years.  He remains an active member of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

Verda, his friend and companion who looks after his well-being, honored him with a party that included a huge birthday cake, complete with green icing and decorated with golf balls.  A barbershop quartet sang songs from the early 1900's.  A luncheon followed the festivities.

Since Oreo cookies had their start 100 years ago, Verda found birthday props that also celebrated their 100 years' presence.

I am fairly sure that Ralph had a great time that day.  And I am definitely sure that Verda honored him well.

Since today is also Friday (as well as being Ralph's 100th birthday), it is "Paint Party Friday" (PPF) in artist blogger-land; here is my contribution for PPF:

Go here to join others in a PPF celebration!


  1. I love your paint party picture it's so colourful and full of movement. Lovely idea. Betty

  2. This is fabulous, Nancy! I love all your different textures. Did you use watercolor and fabric? Paper? Do tell! (PS. Thanks for stopping by:-)

  3. Bless Ralph! It sounds like he had (has) a rich life filled with wonderful people and activities. How amazing to live to be 100. Just imagining the changes that have taken place in the world during his lifetime is mind-boggling!!

    I love you PPF painting. Also your IA challenge entry. That Morton salt girl has always been a favorite of mine. She does look like she is set to go far struggling with everything life throws at her!

  4. Love the painting-
    and oh what a sweet 100 year old!

  5. May the Lord bless each of us to live such a long and prosperous life, and continue to bless Ralph :)

    Lovely picture.
    You certainly are talented!

  6. Congratulations to Ralph! That is wonderful and amazing.

    I love the PPF painting.

  7. Hi Nancy! Love your painting!
    I think I need a few Oreo cookies today!
    Have a great Friday!
    It's a beautiful Colorado day on this side of the hills!

  8. Happy 100th Ralph!! Incredible feat!!
    Very nice artwork, love how you brought it to life with those few pieces!! Really interesting process!! Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. a warm Happy Birthday to Ralph!

    and Nancy, your artwork is awesome! you have to tell us how you did that!:)

  10. That's incredible, 100 years! Wow! Happy Birthday to Ralph! I love your artwork! The flowers are beautiful. I checked out your art blog and it's amazing! I hope to be half the artist you are. :) Happy PPF!


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