Saturday, April 20, 2013

Making Double Sided Napkins

Tiring of my used and chipped dinnerware, I replaced it with Fiestaware in a turquoise/bright blue.  Newly painted dining room and kitchen walls are in a light peach color.

And did I tell you how much I like the Behr paint with primer?  Why yes, I think I did back in a post here in January.  So more Behr was added to walls and baseboards, not only in the prior color of Indulgent Mocha but also in a peach color for the kitchen.  Thusly:

Now to go with these blues in my Angry Birds and Fiestaware, I needed coordinating cloth napkins.  (Yes, there is a trip to Good Will scheduled soon with used linens.)

This tutorial told me everything about sewing double sided napkins.  Thank you, FiberFantasies.

A few of the steps are here in print form.

 Peachy and turquois-y fabrics sewn together (squares were about 18" before seaming) and turned inside out.

Oops, I see a bit a thread that needs snipping 

The magnets were a gift from my sweet daughter Julie.  Don't they just add a bit of zing?  And just to mix it up a bit, stair-stepping fabrics for a unique one:

Fun to make, with just a bit of cursing involved in machine sewing.

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  1. The kitchen looks great. The picture even shows off your hand-painted (on silk) seat covers. Thanks for all your hard work, sweet wife.

  2. Very pretty and coordinated. Angry birds look very at home there and your silk painted chairs look great in there too.

  3. What a fabulous combination of colours! I love that blue and the soft peach colour sets it off perfectly. I love food on bright or deep blu,e or green plates. Just makes everything so vivid. Your coordinati gnapkins look great. What a nice finishing touch! Enjoy the result eof all your hard work, Nancy. E x
    Ps do you actually allow people to sit on your beautiful hand-painted silk covered chairs? I'd be paranoid about people spilling stuff on them!

  4. Ps sorry about the typos! iPad playing up I am afraid or me not paying attention perhaps! E x
    PPS love those magnets - fab!

  5. Oh, I love your colors! Your dining room is delicious!

  6. Everything, I mean everything, looks beautiful Nancy!!! I love how you've coordinated all of your colors. It just looks like such a cheerful place to sit and eat, or even have a cup of tea or coffee. I love it all!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Very good article

  8. I guess cursing is OK when the result is SO beautiful:) Have a blessed week dear Nancy, HUGS!

  9. Cursing while sewing! Well, I never! Lol! I had a friend who used to call that "using sewing words." Believe me, I've used a few sewing words during my many hours at the machine.

    I love the makeover. One is way past due here. Maybe your lovely results will be an inspiration to me to get started.

  10. What a great set up. So happy in that room and full of lovely light.

  11. birds are so cute love them
    with the pretty napkins(:)

  12. I really liked the angry birds painting.

  13. Hi Nancy, Hope you are doing well...It's obvious you're decorating well! I love your colors-everything is gorgeous, and, I remember your angry bird fact, you're where I first saw the angry birds! The napkins and your fiesta ware are fabulous.

    Take care,see you soon.♥

  14. Very good article.Thanks for sharing.


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