Thursday, April 25, 2013

Musicians of Bremen & Knitting

Do you recall the Grimm Brothers' fairytale of  "The Musicians of Bremen"?  Need a refresher on the story?  Go here to read yourself a little bedtime story if you are so inclined.

Found this novelty and placed it in the bath to give visitors a laugh, or else wonder what in the world this was doing on top of the toilet!

According to most renditions of the Musicians of Bremen story, there was a cock, a hound, a cat and a donkey.  So a bit of literary license was taken by the crafter who put together the animals doing service as the musicians.  You could say there were several morals to the story, but I'll go with the one that speaks of not letting your imagination get away with the facts of the situation.

These alstroemeria are beauties that last two weeks if you regularly change their water.  The hub brought them home from the grocery store the other day.  He did a good job!

This ground cover is coming up in the back right now.  Aren't the little blue flowers pretty?  And grape hyacinths too!

 One of our first daffodils:
And finally, I finished that cowl called Leafy Wreath Cowl (pattern found here on Ravelry).
Looks like I was asking the husband a question, or scolding him.  Anyway, here is a close up of the cowl:

It hides a multitude of sins on that double chin!  It was a bit of a challenge knitting this up (cables and lace), but it feels soft on the skin and is warm to boot.  Yarn is by Quince & Co.  Details here.


  1. I do remember the tale of the musicians of Bremen - had a German wooden picture of them in my room as a small child. I think I still have it upstairs somewhere. Must look it out. Your cowl is absolutely beautiful - you are so clever to knit something like this with all that patterning and everything. As a non-knitter I find things like this awe-inspiring! Glad Spring has arrived with you! So nice to see the flowers finally going for it and coming out everywhere. E x

  2. Your knowledge of flowers is so extensive. The cowl came out wonderfully. I like how it scrunches up and has enough length to keep your neck warm all around.

  3. The cowl is beautiful and so are you:) Love all of the beautiful flowers! Have a blessed evening dear Nancy, HUGS!

  4. Nancy, your cowl is so pretty-and a beautiful picture of you. Your flowers look nice and healthy. I don't recall that particular Grimm story, but your novelty is cute. Hope you are doing well, have a great weekend!♥

  5. Some pretty stuff. And I love the musicians

  6. Your cowl is gorgeous, Nancy! I do love the way they feel on my wrinkly neck.
    I remember that story from my childhood. I think it stressed me out! Ha ha!

  7. Oh my gosh Nancy-you are so gorgeous!
    Love that cowl-I've got to get back to my knitting!!!!
    Your hubby did do a great job-the flowers are beautiful, and look so pretty with the window.
    Love to ya!

  8. What a nice picture of you Nancy - you are a lovely lady. Cowl turned out well, great skill. Betty


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