Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is Happening Today

1.  Corneal abrasion two weeks ago on Libby Sweetpea's right eye with emergency call visit.  Not healed yesterday, so 2nd vet visit.  A plastic lens on the eye to hold in strong antibiotics with an Elizabethan Collar of Shame that has to be worn for four days.  But OUCH, out came the plastic lens in the middle of the night, and a 3rd visit to the vet again this afternoon for another lens stain and abrasion.

2.  A baby sweater being knitted up for Jackie who is in her third trimester with Jackson.  Jackie is a huge Denver Broncos  football fan, and I am sure she will be ensuring Baby Jackson will be also. This is almost finished:

Orange and blue buttons, of course, with a contrasting grosgrain ribbon to back the buttons.  The self striping sock yarn came all the way from New Zealand, hand dyed by Stray Cats.  The shipping was costly, but where else have you ever seen orange and blue sock yarn?  The pattern is Beyond Puerperium, by Kelly Brooker and is an ingenious little knit.

3.  An outdoor decades old rocker that needs a re-finish.  Sanded and ready for new stain:

The stain mix: an ounce of oil paint, a scant cup of turpentine, a scant quarter cup of boiled linseed oil.  Stay tuned.  A previous post here explains it all.  Also this post gives a true recipe for wood stain.

4. Chicken Tikki Masala for dinner. The hub will grill the chicken and likely make the recipe if I can convince him that I am still refinishing that rocker.  (He does NOT like painting.)

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  1. I guess I don't have to ask if you like dogs! Dogs and knitting, they go together, right? LOL. Love your little girl, she IS a Sweetpea. Hope her eye gets healed. We are on drops and wash for iNDy to clear up his ear. He doesn't like getting them, but will endure. The pup? I dread the first time we have to do something like that. He is not a good patient. Love the color of the sweater!

  2. Poor doggie. So unfair how she doesn't understand what's going on with her injury.
    Very cool how that yarn has the team colors in it. Makes it easier than having to alternate balls yeah? Sorry I haven't gotten to the baby hat yet. Been busy here.

  3. Look at you go, Nancy!
    Poor pup! You are a nice pup owner, attentive and loving!
    I love the Bronco yarn! What a find!

  4. You are so busy! Cute sweater! And I hope Libby is better.

  5. I didn't know the Broncos colors before today ... I'm amazed you found yarn in those colors outside of Colorado!

  6. Aw, the cone of shame. Poor baby. I'm not a bronco's fan but I am in love with that yarn. Makes such a cute little baby sweater. Can't wait to see the finished rocker.

  7. One of our dogs just visited the doggie eye specialist. He's diabetic and has cataracts. His collar of shame will be coming. Your little dog is adorable and very lucky to have you! Don't forget to take a minute for yourself.

  8. Hope Libby's eye mends quickly. Eyes do heal quickly in humans generally - hope thta's also true for dogs. Your WsiP are inspiring! Love your wood stain recipe although I am a bit clumsy where this sort of thing is concerned so in this household best to stick to roles in reverse order to yours! I think the idea of me weighing out oil paint, turpentine and linseed oil is enough to make my husband's blood run cold and that's before I've even started wielding a paint brush! E x

  9. AAw sweet littlke doggie. And I love the sweater.

  10. Poor Libby. Hopefully, things are improving. We had several weeks with the E-Collar of Shame with Bo last fall. Not much fun, but we finally got through it.

    I love the baby sweater. That chicken looks delicious. And, after you finish the rocker, you can sit and relax in it!

  11. Poor baby, I sure hope the eye is better! Lots of projects going on around your house! Have a blessed Sunday dear friend, HUGS!


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