Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello, June

We've been saying hello to spring. Sprucing up. Painting. Gardening.

(in process, but now painted)

The master bathroom has been painted white the entire time we have lived here, so it was only appropriate to welcome in spring with a bit of a face lift and a few new accessories for the necessary room.  The picture above is a "before" one of the east window.  Indulgent Mocha from Behr over builders' white paint is now its cover.  A new clock on another bathroom wall to let us know how long it takes to brush teeth.

And I whipped up a new valence for that east window.  Seems it always gets hot in mid morning from that direct sun, so perhaps this fabric will shield some of that sun while taking showers.

Gardening!  Our wildflower garden planted last spring is doing nicely, thank you.  But the bluebells did not make it over the winter.  It was just too darned cold for their survival.  But the penstemon did VERY well.

Welcome to my garden with purple and yellow columbines...

honeysuckle that opened up this morning with a heavenly smell...

and welcome also to the prayer garden in the back that is filling in nicely with ground cover, iris, chives, mums and natural tall grasses, along with a few other bulbs.

And then it was time to whip up a few new dishcloths (the eLoomanator and Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth held with triple strands of cotton yarn to make a couple of fiesta potholders.

Sadly, my husband the chef said that three strands of cotton was not enough thickness to keep his hands from a burn.  So these fiesta cloths might have to go into the facecloth pile in the closet. Sigh.  
For lunch, my favorite chicken salad recipe found here by Emeril.  It uses fresh tarragon, of which there is an abundance in the herb area.   I use more than Emeril says, and we seem to never have an apple on hand, but it is good enough even without the apple.   Next time a picture; this time I forgot to snap a picture of the herbs, and the salad is not yet made.
How are you welcoming June?


  1. Hi Nancy! Oh, I LOVE your prayer garden. It looks so woodsy!
    It seems like a good time to knit dishcloths and pot holders!
    Your whole garden is lovely and way to go redoing the bathroom. I am going to pick wallpaper off our bedroom walls. I am.

  2. Ahhh... a fresh coat of paint is wonderful:) Love all of your flowers and your prayer garden! Have a blessed day dear Nancy, HUGS!

  3. Lovely to have a spring clean and paint up - prayerful garden spot looks tranquil.

  4. I envy your garden. It`s beautiful. I miss a lawn and lovely flowers, however honeysuckle does nicely here. It`s very hot now and I water to keep the lilacs going and my well aged rosemary happy.

    The heat brought a thirsty cow to the dog run today. She smelled their water bucket and almost had the fence down till I drove her off. I could her trying to take down a fence pole. The dogs thought she was a new friend, and she may well be, haha!

  5. Wonderful pics shared here. You are always so productive.

  6. Your prayer garden is beautiful ... what a tranquil space :)

  7. Oh, such a lovely lot of garden stuff! Do you have vegetables too?

    1. Yep peers...the husband has a side yard with a little greenhouse with veggies.


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