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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Painting on Rocks with Acrylics

Because I cannot sleep well at night due to taking steroids for metastatic breast cancer, I have been painting rocks during the dark hours.  This activity can be accomplished while reclining, so between knitting, reading and painting rocks, I keep occupied during the dark hours.  It keeps me occupied and the attention to detail seems to help my mind slow down a bit. 

Here are a few rocks I photographed today that I have painted over the past weeks for the Latimer House Fundraiser (termed Extraordiinary Women,) with proceeds going toward domestic violence services provided by Hilltop Community Resources in Mesa County, Colorado. 

These are small rocks, painted with acrylics and art pens similar to Sharpies, and averaging about four square inches.  There are two dozen more I might touch up and spray with clear polyurethane before handing them over for sale. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pumpkin Faces & Pumpkin Cake

It is time to Get Pumpkin!
Bing has a few faces displayed, but a more fun look is my goal.  It is to gild the lily on my fall front door wreath that we used last year that now needs a little update.


Take a look here at Attic Clutter to see some airbrush art with cute pumpkin faces.  I'll try to paint one on a blank oval canvas and put behind this door wreath:

Here is the canvas, an oval with a rust colored acrylic prepped on it and ready for its pumpkin face.  The craft store did not have a circular canvas, so this one will have to do.

Now to paint the pumpkin face and figure out how to attach it behind the wreath.  Duck tape?  Duck tape can do anything, right?

Here it is.
August Flowers
For an easy and delicious autumnal cake with pumpkin, Pinterest has this cake!  The Food Critic forgot to say to add the eggs to the wet mixture, but otherwise the cake directions are straight forward.  It was delicious, although my brother said it was not sweet enough to his liking.  It makes a firm, dense cake with just enough sweetness for me.

September 2013 Flowers
Enjoy your last days of September!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello, June

We've been saying hello to spring. Sprucing up. Painting. Gardening.

(in process, but now painted)

The master bathroom has been painted white the entire time we have lived here, so it was only appropriate to welcome in spring with a bit of a face lift and a few new accessories for the necessary room.  The picture above is a "before" one of the east window.  Indulgent Mocha from Behr over builders' white paint is now its cover.  A new clock on another bathroom wall to let us know how long it takes to brush teeth.

And I whipped up a new valence for that east window.  Seems it always gets hot in mid morning from that direct sun, so perhaps this fabric will shield some of that sun while taking showers.

Gardening!  Our wildflower garden planted last spring is doing nicely, thank you.  But the bluebells did not make it over the winter.  It was just too darned cold for their survival.  But the penstemon did VERY well.

Welcome to my garden with purple and yellow columbines...

honeysuckle that opened up this morning with a heavenly smell...

and welcome also to the prayer garden in the back that is filling in nicely with ground cover, iris, chives, mums and natural tall grasses, along with a few other bulbs.

And then it was time to whip up a few new dishcloths (the eLoomanator and Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth held with triple strands of cotton yarn to make a couple of fiesta potholders.

Sadly, my husband the chef said that three strands of cotton was not enough thickness to keep his hands from a burn.  So these fiesta cloths might have to go into the facecloth pile in the closet. Sigh.  
For lunch, my favorite chicken salad recipe found here by Emeril.  It uses fresh tarragon, of which there is an abundance in the herb area.   I use more than Emeril says, and we seem to never have an apple on hand, but it is good enough even without the apple.   Next time a picture; this time I forgot to snap a picture of the herbs, and the salad is not yet made.
How are you welcoming June?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is Happening Today

1.  Corneal abrasion two weeks ago on Libby Sweetpea's right eye with emergency call visit.  Not healed yesterday, so 2nd vet visit.  A plastic lens on the eye to hold in strong antibiotics with an Elizabethan Collar of Shame that has to be worn for four days.  But OUCH, out came the plastic lens in the middle of the night, and a 3rd visit to the vet again this afternoon for another lens stain and abrasion.

2.  A baby sweater being knitted up for Jackie who is in her third trimester with Jackson.  Jackie is a huge Denver Broncos  football fan, and I am sure she will be ensuring Baby Jackson will be also. This is almost finished:

Orange and blue buttons, of course, with a contrasting grosgrain ribbon to back the buttons.  The self striping sock yarn came all the way from New Zealand, hand dyed by Stray Cats.  The shipping was costly, but where else have you ever seen orange and blue sock yarn?  The pattern is Beyond Puerperium, by Kelly Brooker and is an ingenious little knit.

3.  An outdoor decades old rocker that needs a re-finish.  Sanded and ready for new stain:

The stain mix: an ounce of oil paint, a scant cup of turpentine, a scant quarter cup of boiled linseed oil.  Stay tuned.  A previous post here explains it all.  Also this post gives a true recipe for wood stain.

4. Chicken Tikki Masala for dinner. The hub will grill the chicken and likely make the recipe if I can convince him that I am still refinishing that rocker.  (He does NOT like painting.)

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

We Are Painting Rooms

It is a job.  Painting interior rooms, that is.

Thanks to a friend who did all the research finding just the right color for her walls, who was I to question it?  I just copied her paint color choices and bought Behr's Indulgent Mocha in semi-gloss with primer included. It has been 15 years since the walls were painted white, so they were definitely needing color coverage.

To be frank, my job of painting where the wall meets the popcorn textured ceiling is lousy.  So I looked here where it gives the rules.  Following the rules is exhausting, but I guess it is worth it.

The husband has emphatically stated he is not going to help with this project, so wish me luck that my back and arms hold out.  Three walls is the goal.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Green Gates and The Green Man

In 2008, writing about honeysuckle and hummingbirds this was a picture of our back garden gate that leads to a larger garden area down wooden stairs.  This is what it looked like three years ago:

Unfortunately, we had some very cold winters that killed off the honeysuckle vines.  We took down the archway, cut back the dead branches, and were left with just the gate that looks bare and in desperate need of a face lift.

So I went looking for garden gates that were green in color, hoping to find something I liked and would inspire me to repaint the wooden gate.  Here are some pretty gates that I found while doing an internet search:

from pinterest 

(from dreamstime)

Using oil paint from a tube, paint thinner and a linseed oil mixture with instructions here, this is our newly refurbished stained gate:

This is the gate yesterday prior prior to staining:

What a difference a little paint makes!

This is a Green Man, cast in iron, similar to one that I just ordered to attach to the fence:

The Green Man that spirit, energy, presence, inherent in every cell of the vegetative realm, and transmitted to the animal/human realms through the foods we eat, the flowers we smell, the trees we hug. He is Pan.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1941: Mom and Dad During Navy Years in War

OK, now it is sketched out.

Painting this portrait of my mother taken from a picture in the early 1940's has been slow work. It was started a year ago, and progess has stalled on it. Perhaps memories of an acrimonious divorce between my parents is creating hesitation on further painting, but I just can't get the impetus to finish it. By posting on this blog, maybe inspiration will come.

Don't they look happy? I especially like the Navy cap in the upper right corner of the original picture. That needs to be added into the canvas.

Dad was stationed in New York as an airplane test pilot when the top snapshot was taken.