Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pumpkin Faces & Pumpkin Cake

It is time to Get Pumpkin!
Bing has a few faces displayed, but a more fun look is my goal.  It is to gild the lily on my fall front door wreath that we used last year that now needs a little update.


Take a look here at Attic Clutter to see some airbrush art with cute pumpkin faces.  I'll try to paint one on a blank oval canvas and put behind this door wreath:

Here is the canvas, an oval with a rust colored acrylic prepped on it and ready for its pumpkin face.  The craft store did not have a circular canvas, so this one will have to do.

Now to paint the pumpkin face and figure out how to attach it behind the wreath.  Duck tape?  Duck tape can do anything, right?

Here it is.
August Flowers
For an easy and delicious autumnal cake with pumpkin, Pinterest has this cake!  The Food Critic forgot to say to add the eggs to the wet mixture, but otherwise the cake directions are straight forward.  It was delicious, although my brother said it was not sweet enough to his liking.  It makes a firm, dense cake with just enough sweetness for me.

September 2013 Flowers
Enjoy your last days of September!


  1. Your flowers are lovely, Nancy! I love the pumpkin wreath, too. CUTE!
    It's pumpkin everything now, right? I had a pumpkin scone for breakfast (well, second breakfast!)

  2. Oh so beautiful Fall flowers:) I have got to get in the Pumpkin mood! Enjoy this day dear Nancy, HUGS!

  3. I LOVE the wreath and painting in it. The idea of an easy pumpkin roll sounds great to me! Looks good too....

  4. It's amazing what pumpkin art there is out there. I haven't carved one in ages. My mum used to have me do one for her stairway. You've reminded me I need to try out some of the pumpkin recipes I've pinned.

  5. I love the pumpkin season and your pumpkin-faced autumn wreath is great fun! I've been experimenting with pumpkin muffins - must try the pumpkin roll bar recipe in your link! That cream cheese .... yummy! E x

  6. I love the wreath update.
    Your flowers are beautiful! I think ours fizzled a bit with the heat we had at the end of August and first part of September (well, we always have summer heat here in Alabama, but most of August was fairly mild, the the last day or two of the month it decided that it really was August and got quite hot).

  7. Hi Nancy, sorry I haven't been around in a while. I'm glad to come by here this evening. I just love your pumpkin face wreath and your end of summer flowers!

    Hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend! ♥


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