Saturday, July 9, 2016

Llamas at the Manor

Llamas from Whitewater, 17 of them, are owned by Kathy and Glen Stanko.  Kathy and Glen were kind to bring two of them to visit the manor yesterday.  They were certainly a hit with residents.  Julie loved seeing them, and even made me drive her chair out to the parking lot to wave them off back to their home forty-five minutes away by trailer.

They ate iris and parsley planted in the herb garden, but that was ok.  There are plenty more iris I planted there last fall, while the parsley is taking more than its fair share of garden space.

White llama above: Phoebe Snow.  Her fur is a natural white and is spun at Fire Mountain Fiber near Hotchkiss, Colorado at Bad Rabbit Farm.  Her fiber is lace weight.  Kathy wants me to drive out to the ranch and see all her fiber for sale; I might take her up on it as I would really like to dye up some more fibers in acid dye baths.  Like last year!

Julie is trying to touch Phoebe's neck as Phoebe patiently waits for it.
Here is the location of the Stanko llama ranch on Kannah Creek Road near Whitewater.  I might just take a drive out there soon to purchase some fiber.


  1. How fun! Julie LOVES animals, doesn't she? The llamas are very cute!

  2. Oh how fun:) Love seeing Julie enjoying the llama! Have a blessed Sunday dear Nancy, HUGS!

  3. I love llamas, too, and we have a lot of them in our area...maybe not as many as 20 years ago when they were more of a fad. If I had sheep I think I'd like to have guard llamas. I know their personalities are not the greatest, but they keep the predators away :-) And they are so exotic!

  4. How wonderful that Julie got to experience visiting with the llamas! I love the picture of her trying to pet Ms. Snow's neck!!! :)


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