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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Flowers on Fence

Looking through Pinterest and images on Wooden Fence Decorating provided imaginative mental fodder for painting flowers on our wooden fence.  It is rough cedar and does not provide a smooth painting surface. But it needed a bit of refreshing, to say the least.

A "Before Makeup" picture of our woebegone fence corner:

I would show a couple of neat ideas and pictures that others on various sites have shown that were pretty darn cute, but what with people now suing for damages by using others' photos, I'm leery to do so.  (See this story by Roni Loren about her lawsuit resulting in her having to pay thousands of dollars by using a Google image.  She talks also about "Fair Use" and copyright validation, and is well worth the read.)

So now I am not using pictures found on the internet, but will provide links in the future.

Back to the fence.

Acrylic paints in tube form and two cans of acrylic green spray paint were used. The husband snapped this photo of me working on some leaves.

Here is our NEW fence face.

This is on Pinterest at this link. You can see ideas of exterior art by typing in the search words "OUTDOOR ART" or "FENCE ART" on Pinterest and catch many pieces of outside decoration.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Church Decoration for Ordinary Times

Recently, a post about Church Banners was written here with pictures of sunflowers on silk fabric.

Now all panels of fabric have been hung.  The resulting wall looks thusly: