Thursday, February 2, 2012

Irregular Square Afghan

Never having been a big fan of acrylic fiber, except for the fact that it washes quickly and dries just as fast, I recently ordered a batch of acrylics from Lions Brand to be used on a new project.   I am anxious to start an afghan called the Irregular Squares Afghan, a free crochet pattern available on this page with colors chosen from an extensive palette of colors offered online.

This is a snap of a finished afghan, courtesy of Lion Brand.  I am not interested in the colors it was worked it (in fact, yuck), but I like how it is put together.

Each of the six squares making up the afghan not only is comprised of four separate colors, but each square is also put together differently, hence the irregularity of the pattern.  If not ingenious, it certainly will hold one's attention while constructing the 30" x 45" throw.  Here is the pattern for just one of the squares:

Now the fun part (for me) is selecting colors to match the decor of the area where the small throw will most be used.

This is a collage of the colors in our living room, including pictures of furniture, paintings and accessories. It lacks the brick red color of the entry wall and all the green plants, but you get the idea.

And here are the colors of the acrylic yarn chosen from the Lion's Brand palette that will be used for the project.

If this works up as quickly as others tell me it will, maybe I'll get cracking on a second one as a gift.

Here are two of the squares worked; each square pattern is worked three times, and then put together in an alternating fashion:

Update: 2/27/2012
Finished but not completely happy with this project as the squares are not completely "square" and the overall look is not tight.  It is warm, however.  I will give it a month of wear before giving it a final rating and deciding whether to crochet this again as a gift.


  1. This is a great variation of the log cabin quilt block. The Mason Dixon knitted one gets a bit tedious on the long ends. Maybe crochet would work better.
    Great colours!

  2. Your color choices are very nice...of course, your paintings will be a great compliment. It will be fun to see the finished product. You are so good at putting these projects together. Of course, I like the picture of your geraniums. Hope you and your family are doing well Nancy.

  3. Hello Nancy, thankyou for visiting me. You have some amazing work here and on your other blog, your watercolours are beautiful - I don't know how to watercolour or use acrylics so am in admiration. I have no art training and just took up silk painting for fun, so am not able to advise on what acrylic paint on silk would turn out like - maybe you will experiment? I love your post with the little dog who pinched the lipstick! Bettyx

  4. Vanna's Choice yarn is very nice. I've made many projects with it!

  5. That`s a great pattern and I like your color choices.

  6. Beautiful pattern, I know it will be gorgeous wherever you put it! Thank you for your sweet comment, it is a great day:)

  7. Hi Nancy
    Oh I am with you with the colours the quilt is shown in...but I adore the colours you have chosen. Those are my colours too....the colours in your home and the yarns you've chosen.
    I look forward to seeing how you make it up...
    looks like fun...
    hope you've had a good weekend.

  8. Can't wait to see your progress on this project, Nancy.

  9. Love your colors. I'm sure it's going to look fab!


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