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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Painting on Rocks with Acrylics

Because I cannot sleep well at night due to taking steroids for metastatic breast cancer, I have been painting rocks during the dark hours.  This activity can be accomplished while reclining, so between knitting, reading and painting rocks, I keep occupied during the dark hours.  It keeps me occupied and the attention to detail seems to help my mind slow down a bit. 

Here are a few rocks I photographed today that I have painted over the past weeks for the Latimer House Fundraiser (termed Extraordiinary Women,) with proceeds going toward domestic violence services provided by Hilltop Community Resources in Mesa County, Colorado. 

These are small rocks, painted with acrylics and art pens similar to Sharpies, and averaging about four square inches.  There are two dozen more I might touch up and spray with clear polyurethane before handing them over for sale. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Latimer House Fundraiser: Extraordinary Women

Latimer House, a safe haven for women and children seeking assistance from domestic abuse, is having a 2017 fundraiser to keep the House open and functioning. Go to this link to learn more about this opportunity.

This year, a silent on-line auction will be available for bids.  I came up with a 16" x 20" collage of women's faces in acrylics.  Maybe you see yourself or someone you know in one of these faces:

Here are the faces in a collage on canvas, 16" x 20":

Let's believe some one will offer money to help out Latimer House through the purchase of this painting!  I envision some woman will purchase this and hang it in her office, being inspired to excellence by an extraordinary woman!  Mike Green is heading up this project (970)-244-0240.

More from this website:
Calling Western Colorado Artists
Your original artwork can make a difference for women, children, and men experiencing domestic violence.
Hilltop’s Latimer House and Domestic Violence Services are expanding their Extraordinary Women fundraiser from a month long event to a year-round online shop featuring original and reproduction artwork from local artists. The sale of all items support Latimer House and those affected by domestic violence – providing emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis lines, children’s services, counseling, and so much more. There are two ways to use your passion and talents to support this important cause: 
For more information and instructions on submitting artwork for consideration, call Mike Green at 970.244.0420. Deadline for submissions is February 24, 2017.