Sunday, September 30, 2012

Church Banners: 26th Week in Ordinary Times

Today begins the 26th week in the church liturgical calendar of Ordinary Times prior to the Christmas Season. Decorations were changed from the ones posted here several months ago at The American Lutheran Church to the new pieces shown below.

First, the centerpiece of the wall decorations is a quilt made by Pat McCarroll who entered into this humble McCarroll clan in 1974, bringing along her crafting skills that eventually culminated in her expert quilting arts.  Unfortunately she cannot see well enough now to continue with her crafts, but she generously loaned our church this autumn quilt of a tree with a wee squirrel at the base of the tree trunk. Don't you think the purples in the quilt really make the oranges and yellows pop?

To the upper right of the wall scheme is a picture of a coreopsis I painted ten years ago.  After adding a bit of purple to the background, I then borrowed it from the living room of our house to re-hang at church.

This is the completed collage with foam board covered in coordinating fall fabrics to round out the autumnal colors.

Psalm 124 for today's reading:
If the LORD was not fighting for us when men attacked:  they would have eaten us alive because they were so angry, waters would have rushed over us and a deep river would be over our heads, the angry waters would have gone over our heads and drowned us. We will say good things to the LORD. He did not let them eat us. We are free and still alive, like a bird that got out of a trap. The trap became broken and we are free.The name of the person that sent us help is the LORD. He made heaven and earth.
May you all have a blessed 26th week in Ordinary Times.


  1. Good Morning Nancy, what a beautiful quilt, the colors do pop with the purple around the edges, and your painting adds additional beauty with co-ordinating purple around it. They made for a wonderful arrangement on the wall. Have a blessed week.

    P.S. I almost forgot, I am working on a sharing post for my garden blog, and asking my blog friends to send me a photo of their favorite windowsill. If you have a photo or painting that you would allow me to share on my post, I would be thrilled to include it. Hugs!♥

  2. A beautifully made quilt and well displayed - your painting is lovely too. Bettyx

  3. beautiful and reminds me of stained glass

  4. Beautiful quilt and painting. They look perfect together.

  5. Nancy what a beautiful wall display - that quilt and your painting together - just stunning. You wouldn't care to pop across the pond and decorate in a Medieval church over here too would you?! Yes, you are dead right about the purple in both pieces - fantastic! Is that a candle stand for lighting votive candles underneath the display? It looks like it - lovely. Glad you liked the gingerbread in my post - I couldn't post the recipe really as it's Nigella's not mine but if you want it drop me an email and I'll copy it out for you. E x

  6. Gorgeous art pieces! The colors are really vivid and bright...I'm sure they'll look absolutely stunning when you hang them!



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