Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shrinky Dink Charms: Downton Abbey Peeps

Making shrinky dinks is not just for kids, although they would have fun making them.  This site has a good tutorial, but you can just buy a package (six sheets per package) at your local craft store, instructions included.

These are Downton Abbey characters downloaded and printed on to the special paper (remember to dull down the colors as they become brighter once they are baked).

They are stitch markers used for knitting up this sock which is in progress.  Sock pattern here.

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  1. I love shrinky dinks and still have some that we made YEARS ago! Have a blessed day dear Nancy, HUGS!

  2. Hi there!
    I bought some sheets of it, and have them tucked away for when I have some time to fiddle with them. I've never tried it before-it looks like you could get really creative with the stuff. Thank you for the link too.

  3. Hi Nancy. Thank you for your nice comment on my Tim's tag, featuring my dad's car. I made one for my sis, too. Charlotte PS Loving the colors in your knitting.

  4. Cute! Did you see my Downton Abbey Peeps post? How funny! Great minds think alike, Nancy!

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  6. Gosh, havent done Shrinky Dinks in years. They were great fun when I was doing lots of stamping.

    I love the colors of the sock yarn.

  7. Oh boy do your Shrinky Dink bring back memories! I used to fiddle with them as a kid. My girls have fun w/them too.
    What a clever idea to make st markers from them!

  8. Oh dear, did you get spammed? I turned off my anti-spam thingie on blogger...

    Shrinkie dink stitch markers by themselves would be fabulous, but you had to go the extra mile and make Downton Abbey shrinkies! +100 points!

  9. Excellent blog, Excellent Art, craft and Photography.


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